Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 16 ~ Dear Lauren and Char

Dear Lauren,

It's been a good five and a half years that we have known each other. You have, from a distance, been one of my greatest friends and biggest supporters. I have shared so much with you that I feel like I have known you my entire life. Every up and down that I have been through these past few years, you have talked me through. It is no wonder that when your visit finally happened, that there wasn't a single awkward moment. It is also no wonder that it was so hard to watch you leave. Can you blame a girl for wanting to keep someone as special as you as close as possible? I know that keeping you here is not necessary though. We are no less connected because of the states in between us. Through Facebook, I found a friend who will be a friend FOREVER! I cannot wait to come and visit :)

Dear Char,

We went to school together. I wasn't friendly with that many girls in school but from the moment you transferred in, I knew you were cool. Funny how as we have all gotten older, so many of us communicate more than we ever did when we used to see each other daily. Our re-connection came through Facebook and I am so grateful that it did. Your genuine concern for my well being is just perfect. Is it any wonder that I propose to you almost weekly? You have accepted and supported every single crazy aspect of my life. Every single time I let on that I am even a tad unpleased with something, I have come to expect your almost immediate words of encouragement whether by Facebook or text. I cannot express how happy it makes me to see you as happy as you are since you have met John. I could have never imagined how great the two of you would be together. Don't ever let him forget that he needs to share though! ;) Bottom line is that I chose to include you in my list of 30 letters in 30 days blog to thank you for your never ending friendship. Thank you also for the kind words and laughs that always seem to arrive just when I need them most. I love you more than words can say.......

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