Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 22 ~ Dear Alison

Dear Alison,

Hey, girl, hey! This letter is more of a list than a letter. I will give you a list of truths. I will not tell you how I know what I know, since I think you need to experience each and every one of the trials you will face to become, ummmmmm, Me. Here is your list:

1. Nothing you can do or say is going to alter the plan that God has already made for you. You may steer off course but you will find your way back. Don't ever believe for a second that you can handle stuff on your own. It is with His help that you will make it through each and every trial.

2. With God by your side, you are strong enough to make it through anything. Don't ever lose hope that things will indeed get better.

3. Thinking POSITIVE brings about POSITIVE results. Search for the POSITIVE in each and every situation. Searching for the good in the midst of a tough situation leaves no time to dwell any negative that may be easier to see upon first glance. Reject the negative and replace it with POSITIVE.

4. Stick with college the first time around. Had you completed that, I could have been working on my doctorate by now.

5. Confidence is key! Believe in yourself and make sure the rest of the world knows you do!

6. The things you know can be useful to others and you have a way of sharing them that makes people listen. Take full advantage of that and use it to help as many people as possible daily.

7. Do not sacrifice your morals for anyone.  The things you will learn while doing so are things you could  know all along by seeing them from a different angle and you can avoid all the regrets and consequences that such sacrifices will bring.

8. In the blink of an eye your child will become a teenager. Cherish every single moment.

9. Your parents are right and you should listen to them until you hit your thirties. I suggest you then prepare yourself to display great patience in your dealings with them.

10. Your first love will definitely not be your last. There are multiple people who will be worthy of your love and others who will be completely unworthy. Give it freely anyway! I wish I could explain this one but you will understand one day. Follow your heart!!

11. Weigh every decision you make with the same question in mind. What is going to leave others with the most POSITIVE impression in the long run. This does not mean that the opinions of others should trump your own but I can assure you that it will certainly build a great deal of trust between you and others in the end.

12. You are beautiful!! Believe it and others will too!

Keep up the good work, Kid!! You are gonna be just fine! Go get 'em, Gorgeous!


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