Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 2 ~ Dreams

Dear Dreams, 

The easy way out would be to simply ask you why I never remember any of you unless you take place after I wake up and go back to sleep. Perhaps I could question why only twice in six years you have contained any image of my mother. Maybe I could use the time to convince you to reveal the powerball numbers the night before the next drawing. If we really got on a roll, maybe you would give me a glimpse into the future or allow me to revisit the past. Maybe we could discuss some guidelines on what I want to dream about and what is off limits. Then I would let you know that you are not really that big of a deal. My memories of you are so rare that its like you barely even exist. I would then tell you how happy it makes me that you are not the only kind of dreams I have. Its the other dreams that shape my daily life. It is those dreams that I have plenty of feelings and thoughts about. So let's start over.....

Dear Dreams,

As a young child, calling you "dreams" was more appropriate. You were the things that I always wanted to do. You were the things that seemed so unreachable. You were the things born in a child's mind that seemed possible for others. A mind so young could never conceive being able to achieve such things of greatness. As the years have passed by one by one, the dreams that once seemed so far out of reach have become more like goals. As an adult, you begin to see that these childhood dreams are your hopes and goals for the future. They are the things that you want to accomplish and experience in your lifetime. You begin to look at them differently. What once was something that only happened in storybooks, has now become an end result that can be achieved through focus and hard work. Step by step as we navigate through our daily lives, we learn that we are travelling the path that leads straight to our dreams. 


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