Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 4 ~ My favorite internet friend

It has always been my belief that certain people are just plain meant to be a part of our lives. Sometimes I will run into the same person repeatedly in random spots until the day that an actual conversation is started and then the conversations just continue. Sometimes there is someone that no matter how much we disagree, I always find that I there is still a need for them in the world of Ali Eb. And then there's you. Someone I have never actually "met" yet I love as if I have known you forever. I don't know when it happened exactly, when I fell in love with you and your family, but I know that I will never forget being at pool that night and getting the text from you. The text telling me that they were going to give Gabby to her aunt. I cried before I was even finished reading. My heart was breaking for you. I remember trying to figure out how my heart could literally hurt for someone who I have never spent a single moment in their presence. And then it was completely clear. No moments in a room with you could ever make me love you any more or less. You (and Gabby) stole a piece of my heart long ago and that will never change :)  I knew that night that all we needed was to remember who was really in control. I continued to remind you of all those things that you already knew but are so hard to focus on in the heat of the moment. I just somehow thought it was a stretch to think that the Big Guy somehow bumped his head and lost sight of where she belonged. I mean, surely a cloud wouldn't knock the sense out of Him, right? I never stopped believing that she was YOUR daughter and I wasn't going to let you stop believing either! I am so glad that He proved me right! I don't take to kindly to being wrong, ya know! So now we are here and I am writing my Day 4 letter to my favorite internet friend. That's gonna need to be handled!! Let's do lunch :)

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